Get the Latest Industry Updates

Get the latest updates on all the government and industry news from the comfort of your home or office.

Meet & Chat with Fellow Delegates

Meet & chat with fellow delegates one to one virtually (if other delegate agrees). Exchange contacts and insights with other attendees and start partnerships to grow your business.

Hear From & Chat with Speakers

Hear from, meet and chat with the Summit Speakers one to one virtually (if speaker agrees). Send messages and share your contact information to continue your business conversations.

Meet Sponsoring & Exhibiting Companies

Visit companies virtual booths, set up meetings and chat directly with representatives from sponsoring & exhibiting companies. Ask project and product questions and pitch your business ideas to key organisations.

Access All the Event Content on Demand

Access all the event footage live and participate on live event days. Revisit the recordings on demand and catch up with all the insights post event.

Ask Your Questions

Ask questions before the event and during the live sessions. We’re pleased to offer attendees the possibility to send us questions beforehand so we can ensure these get addressed by speakers.

Have Your Vote Heard

Have your vote heard during live polling questions. Share your industry opinions and predictions with fellow delegates and get a sense of the market landscape through poll results.

Access Speaker Presentations Post Event

Access and review the speakers’ slides post event (if speaker agrees). We know how important it is not to miss any key insights, so allow yourself plenty of time to revisit graphs, charts and reports shared by speakers during the live sessions.

Energy has never evolved at a faster pace, join the industry’s meeting to spur the change

Get in touch with our team to participate as a speaker, sponsor, partner or attendee at the Summit, please contact Rob Arthur on +44 20 7978 0095 or email

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