João Amaral

  • Holds Bachelors, Licentiate and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from Porto’s Polytechnical Instituto Superior de Engenharia.
  • Worked in the IT, Software and infrastructure management fields at NOS mobile operator, Leasing Capital Recovery Agencies, and Bosch.
  • Over 13 years of renewable industry, worked at Vestas, in the Automation and Control division reaching over 3,8 GW of controlled assets. He has designed, planned and setup the Automation and Control of the first wind farms in Chile and Uruguay, Islands dispatch for renewables and Vestas Control Centre for Spain (CECRE).
  • Worked as Technology Director at Senvion Portugal followed by 5 years as Business Director for Spain and Portugal in Senvion, negotiating TSA and EPC contracts. Alongside João has taught at Aveiro University.
  • He is currently Chief Technology Officer at Voltalia.

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