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Summit Programme

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Europe’s Sustainable Global Partnerships: Opening Keynote Addresses

  • Keynote Address from leading sustainable energy economies on project and investment opportunities
  • Strategies and developments in the move to a sustainable energy future: a focus on demand and investment opportunities
  • The role of Europe as a sustainable region in a global context: plans, projects and announcements
  • Working with global partners to implement an effective sustainable energy transition

Session 1: Creating Sustainable Energy Hubs: Ports, Transportation & Industrial Energy Users

  • Creating sustainable energy hubs in Europe: the role of ports, transportation and industrial users in driving the energy transition
  • Europe’s energy hubs leading the energy transition and creating commercial opportunities and green sustainable clusters
  • Integrating renewable gases in hard to abate sectors through sector coupling
  • Green projects global value chain in wind, solar and hydrogen
  • Regulations and critical policies to advance Europe's Sustainable Agenda and
  • Green advancements and sustainable announcements promoting the sustainable agenda

Networking Break


Session 2: Investment Opportunities and ESG Considerations in Sustainable Energy Projects

  • Identifying and investing the projects with the greatest returns: where do we need to focus R&D and what opportunities are we still not capturing?
  • How do we consolidate renewable energy value chains in the pursuit of cleaner fuels?
  • Sustainable energy and powering a decarbonized Europe: the role of Government in supporting sustainable projects deployment
  • What are the competing technologies and tradeoffs from within today’s renewable energy market?
  • The role of hydrogen deployment in Europe’s sustainable energy future: a vision from the UK
  • An overview of the state of play for ESG in renewables –what investors are looking for and how they are using metrics and ratings
  • Action vs disclosure – how some renewables companies could have fallen behind
  • Coming regulation – The impacts of SFDR, and EU Taxonomy on the cost of capital for renewables
  • ESG in renewables –what do you need to do next?

End of Summit Day 1

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


Ministerial Keynote Address

Germany as a sustainable energy powerhouse: from the dawn of solar PV to the next level of sustainable projects investments.


Session 3: Europe’s Leading Ports Panel: Driving the Sustainable Energy Transition

  • Ports are creating major energy transition clusters and supporting sustainable energy supply chains whilst linking the renewable energy global trade.
  • Hear directly from the leading European Ports in this engaging and interactive session on how they’re leading the energy transition, creating opportunities and technology advanced solutions and becoming global green energy hubs.
  • What is the need for European coordination when establishing green energy hubs and are the necessary political instruments

Session 4: Commercial Opportunities to Decarbonise Key Economic Sectors: Steel, Cement, Mobility & Shipping

  • How sustainable energy is a crucial opportunity to decarbonize key industries and economic sectors.
  • Sustainable projects in Steel, Cement, Mobility and Shipping.
  • Will liquid hydrogen be part of the future sustainable solution? What are the options and plans?
  • Integrating hard to abate sectors in the renewable value chain.

Networking Break


Session 5: Green Technology Transitions: How is Technology Pushing Forward Green Energy Deployment

  • Cost and efficiency assessment in emerging renewable projects–what clean technologies have survived the test of time?
  • New sustainable technologies and solutions: latest updates, plans, advancements
  • Digitising clean energy networks –future game-changers transforming sustainable energy

End of Summit Day 2

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3


Ministerial Keynote Address

Spanish Energy Transition plans


Session 6: Solar Markets in Europe: Projects, Investments and Timelines

  • Opportunities for the solar market in Iberia –the latest projects and investments
  • Hear directly from regional progress in the world’s leading PV region
  • How can commercial partners get involved in Iberia’s thriving solar market?

Session 7: Offshore and Onshore Wind: A Critical Sector for Sustainability

  • Opportunities for the wind market in the North Sea – the latest projects and investments
  • Commercial updates and calls to partner from Europe’s leading wind market
  • Hear directly from Governments bordering the North Sea on their large-scale wind projects

Networking Break


Session 8: Hydrogen Deployment in Europe: A Catalyst for Sustainable Energy Transition

  • Resources, Funds and Political pushes to look out for in today’s clean energy puzzle when choosing clean technology to invest in
  • Hydrogen Colours-making the right bet when it comes to competing alternative energy resources expected to improve future societies
  • How to transform Europe’s grid to new energy sources transportation and distribution
  • Weighing up risks and returns in new transition energy markets

Session 9: The Finance Focus – A Summary of Best Practices in Energy Investing

  • Project financing and regulation from the European Commission and European Bank perspective
  • Trade relations between North Africa and Europe – capturing sustainable value in resource-rich emerging economies
  • Regulatory change that investors can expect when joining the clean energy transition
  • What are the prerequisites for investors bankable clean energy projects?
  • Support mechanisms & financing to catalyze low and no carbon private sector investments

End of Summit Day 3 – Closing Remarks


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