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Sustainable Energy Europe Summit


18–19 November 2020
Lisbon, Portugal

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The Platform Driving Europe’s Sustainable Projects, Policies & Strategies

The SEC is delighted to bring you the Sustainable Energy Europe Summit taking place in Lisbon, Portugal on 18-19 November 2020, held with the backing of the Portuguese Government, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action and with the support of H.E. João Galamba, Deputy Minister and Secretary of State for Energy.

In the decade of decarbonisation, as European countries rush to use the first third of the decade to set in motion a series of technologies, trade deals and policies to reach 2030 Climate Goals, we gather in Lisbon to contemplate what remains to be done as 2020 comes to a close. Are we utilising our renewable energy assets in Europe to its fullest potential? Wind, Solar, Storage, Hydrogen and the integration of all continues to pose challenges and opportunities for the vast range of needs within our east to west, north to south European market.

The moment for timely and thoughtful coordination is now. What support is needed still, and from whom? The private sector alongside the European Commission, National and Regional Governments, financial instruments and researchers ponder what it will take to kick-start self-sustained low emission energy consumption in the European Market.

Join us for this timely meeting as we discuss the proposed green recovery strategies and set out a pathway towards reaching Europe-wide decarbonisation goals.

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Creating the Pathway towards European Decarbonisation

Context, opportunity, action, results for sustainability

Designed for the private sector, the event aims to provide intelligence, leadership and high level interaction in order to adapt to a changing world. Technologies, trade deals, policies, financing and roll-out hang in the balance for 2050 carbon neutrality deadlines. In this context, stakeholders will meet to reassess and strategise the European decarbonisation journey.

Meet the Leaders of European Green Deal, Smart Sector Integration &

National Energy Strategies to Discuss:

What have we learnt?

What are the objectives?

How can we improve?

Lessons so far
Setting ambitious objectives
What should we improve in our strategies

What are the costs?

What are the global and developmental opportunities?

What are the stepping stones?

what are the opportunities
what are the stepping stones to follow

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